Dr. Stephanie A. Goodwin, Ph.D.

As a consultant and founder of Incluxion Works, Inc., Dr. Goodwin facilitates customized and highly interactive workshops on a range of leadership, faculty development and diversity issues, including: ethical and equitable evaluation, mitigating unintended bias, bystander intervention and bias, promoting inclusion at professional meetings, inclusive leadership and equitable & inclusive mentoring. Her workshops have supported positive dialogues for inclusion and faculty development at more than 20 colleges, universities & professional societies, including the National Academies of Science, Engineering & Mathematics, Association of Women In Science, and American Geophysical Union. In addition to workshops and webinars, she provides expert consultation to institutes of higher education and professional societies on implementing evidence-based practices to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Dr. Goodwin is a Fellow of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology, former program director for the LEADER Consortium’s multi-institutional NSF ADVANCE program, and consultant to NSF ADVANCE programs around the country. She is the Co-PI for the NSF-funded AGU LANDInG (Leadership Academy and Network for Diversity and Inclusion in the Geosciences) Project where she serves as curriculum lead for the DEI Leadership Academy, and DEI science lead for the project, including the implementation of resources for the LANDInG Community of Practice and Post Doctoral Research DEI Champions projects.


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